Villain or Sophisticate?

By: Louise de Waal

Apr 24 2011

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Category: Wildlife

Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL

The Great White shark, as it is generally known, or Carcharodon carcharias is not only an incredibly beautiful and sophisticated animal, it also holds a key role as an apex predator in marine ecosystems. Unfortunately, ever since the Spielberg blockbuster Jaws featured in 1975, the shark has been portrayed as a villain and a human killing machine.

White sharks do occasionally attack humans, who find themselves in shark territory, but as to why they attack is still somewhat of a mystery. However according to the Save Our Seas ‘Rethink the Shark’ campaign, you are significantly more likely to be killed by a defective toaster or falling off a chair than by a White shark. Maybe that is a good enough reason to rethink the design of the chair…?

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